Korfball promotes the development of the player's physical, mental, social, moral and cultural wellbeing.


4 girls, 4 guys on each team

2 males and 2 females in the attacking zone and 2 males and 2 females in the defending zone. Only a male can mark a male and only a female can mark a female. No physical contact such as holding, tackling or blocking is allowed.


Physical & mental benefits

Build your cardio vascular health, develop strong hand-eye co-ordination and strengthen muscles. Increase self esteem and confidence. Enhance your sense of achievement and motivation.


We will teach you all you need to know!

No dribbling, punching or kicking the ball is permitted. A goal is scored when the ball passed through the top of the korf. An attacker cannot take a shot if correctly defended. Every player has the chance to attack and score goals.


What ever your level

It's fast, it's exciting, it's fun. You can join local, national and international leagues. Play as a family, play as friends. It's all about team work. Build true friendships that will last a lifetime.



Learn What We Are About

It all starts with a dream: a dream to be healthy, a dream to be strong, a dream to be fast, a dream to be number one. At Tornadoes Korfball Club & Academy we’ve been making dreams come true since since 2004. Our Korfball Club & Academy was founded by Jackie Hubbard who had a desire and passion to bring this amazing game to more young people. Today the club has over 150 members ranging from 3 years old to 70 years old and we are still growing. During that time Tornadoes has developed successful youth programmes that has produced over 30 international players. Whether you’re a novice or an international, want to play for fun or indeed at the highest levels, come and fulfil your potential with our outstanding coaching team at Tornadoes Korfball Club & Academy.



Our venue and our people

Tornadoes Korfball Club & Academy is proud to have been able to utilise excellent facilities in the Medway Towns


Chatham Grammar School

(Rainham Road, Chatham, ME5 7EH)

An ideal sports hall with good changing facilities and ample parking. Tornadoes Korfball Club & Academy benefits from a great place to be active and get energized.

Contact us to arrange your free taster session and see for yourself what a great sport Korfball is and what a welcoming bunch we truly are.

Term Time Training Schedule

Tuesday Night

1st and 2nd team by invitation

Wednesday Night

5 - 6pm Tiny Tots (Age 3-7)

5 - 6pm U9s

6 - 7pm U11s & U13s

Thursday Night 

6 - 7pm U14s

7 - 10pm Senior teams


At all levels

With a coaching philosophy that ensures that the skills learnt at grass roots follow right through to the highest levels, we are fortunate to have some of the very best coaches in the game. Four are England coaches and two are England Managers.
Learn from some of the most experienced and well qualified coaches in the sport.



Our culture is unique, our vision is strong and our values are clear


At the top of their game

Having made it to the Grand Finals weekend in both 2018 & 2019, our Tornadoes 1st team are proud to share the very exciting news that they have been selected as one of just two teams to represent England in the newly formed European Tour tournament, in January 2021.
There will be 22 teams participating in the tournament from around Europe, with the top 8 teams competing in the finals in The Netherlands, in February 2021.
The tournament is reliant upon COVID-19 restrictions being relaxed. 
Well done to the players, coaches, management team & all who have supported the club to get us to our first ever European qualification.


A winning team

Driven by their passion for the game and their desire to win, our second team are brimming with talent. Who knows what's next for them!


Building for the Future

Such talent coming through. With 7 players currently playing at National or County standard these youngsters have a very bright korfball future ahead of them.


Full of potential

Our youth academy is our pride and joy. The enthusiasm and willingness to learn makes us proud of every single child every single day.



Jackie Hubbard

Lead Coach Tiny Tots 

Proud is a very short word for a very big feeling. 
In 2004 I dreamt of a Club that would be all encompassing - be great for every ability, for every background, for everyone. 
I am proud of who we are today - of the talent we have helped to develop to some of the highest levels, proud of the management team we have and all of the families who make us who we have become. 
I am excited for the future as I see our club go from strength to strength.



Richard Woodham

Tornadoes 3rd & 4th Team Manager

England U17 Manager

My passion? Seeing young people grow. Seeing them fulfil their potential. Seeing them have fun.
Our philosophy is one of inclusion. We are a true academy set up with best-in-class training and so many match-play opportunities for all of our teams. 
The future? Onwards and upwards!



Dave Buckland

Tornadoes Director of Coaching

England U15 Lead Coach & Former England Senior Coach

There is simply no better game....

Korfball is fast, it's competitive, it's skillful and most of all it's inclusive. I have been part of Tornadoes long enough to have seen many of our Tiny Tots progress to the International stage. To see such incredible growth in ability and confidence is quite simply awe inspiring.

Having 109 caps for Great Britain myself and also playing at the highest levels in Holland, 

I know just how hard these players have to train. 

How passionate they need to be.

How hungry they are to win. 

The talent that we have at every level gives me so much confidence about our future of Tornadoes and I am absolutely certain that we will continue to grow and further develop strengthening our position as one of the key players in the world of Korfball.



Corinne Buckland

Tornadoes Head Coach

England U19 and U21 Lead Coach

Korfball has been a part of my life for almost as long as I can remember. I have played at the highest levels in Holland, winning two Championships as well as playing for Great Britain 53 times also winning a bronze medal at the World Championships.
I feel honoured to be the Lead Coach for the U14s and Assistant Coach for the U13s and 1st/ 2nd teams. 
We have such talented and dedicated players. They are an absolute joy to coach.  
We have our sights set on gold all the way!



England U15 - U19
Kent U13 - U17


Upcoming Events

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    All club members welcome!


Please either call us today to ask any questions you may have.
We'd love to hear from you!


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